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Steal the show by blogging!!!

Steal the show by blogging!!!

Once the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso had said “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Picasso did not plagiarize. His quote explains that he put some characters “a little more to the right or left.” He added his own personal touch and style, which he called a “test,” to create new paintings. By reading the above lines one can co-relate how blogging in the present era is such an interesting and amazing thing which one can easily rate their traffic in the search engine and can attract more number of website visitors.

So here a big and great chance for a student/designer to promote themselves online to attract their employers or prospective clients for a lucrative career. They can easily invite companies with the help of their blogging and can share more and more number of articles and promote themselves. So designers here have a great chance, to make their blog as an weapon to attract their target audience.

We invite write-ups or blogs from student-designers or design professionals to showcase their exemplary CAD works through our blogs where we shall publish the best chosen articles with supported designs on a website.

You can refer to the questionnaire below to prepare your article:

• What inspired you to design?
• Your product’s design is meant for which sector?
• How your product is beneficial for others?
• Which are the software tools you have used to complete this design?
• Do you have any plans to develop the design further?
• Are you looking for an employment opportunity with this article?
• Any message you have for the audience?

Submit your blogs as per the guidelines mentioned below:

• No plagiarism
• Grammar check
• Image/poster is compulsory to attach with the article
• Image size will be (600px * 400px)
• Theme name (from where you get inspiration)
• Your email id & University name

You can send your articles to -

All the Best !