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<h1>OPPORTUNITIES IN CAD/CAM</h1> Computer-aided design (CAD) refers to the making of digital models geometrically, and appears 3 dimensional on a screen. These models can either stand alone or are a part of a bigger model which can be easily altered in shape, size and design. These models are used to represent an array of simulations of real world situations and daily conditions.  On the other hand, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) makes use of these designs’ data to control machines and automobiles. They help in reducing product development cost and time and improve the quality of the products. CAD and CAM are relevant in a fast faced digitally globalised world. They are integral for development of products and ensuring their lifecycle. The efficient applications used by these engineers enables them to have a better visualization and data management for better products. 
People who pursue these can expect a multitude of opportunities both in India and abroad as well. Some industries like Foundry, Architecture, Sheet Metal and Automotive and machinery are the most well suited choice. Some other unique options may also include Robotics, Medical Imaging Systems, Aerospace Technology, Digital Advertising and Animation. Areas like CAD/CAM consulting or software developers for CAD/CAM machines can also be considered.  
While doing this job it is also necessary to consider that mostly it might be a desk job; where engineers sit for long hours to create or monitor designs. So it may require visiting the site for more information and designs. It is also a challenging career because there are constant technological advancements and the engineers need to deliver creative designs in a fixed time frame. 
CAD/CAM is an evergreen branch of engineering and provides an exciting career in the industry. For professionals, the training of CAD/CAM could result in the following career opportunities. 

  After the advancements of CAD/CAM in the automotive industry, the number of computer graphic terminals has exceeded. The success in the automotive sector depends upon reliable precision, flexibility, and speed. These demands are fulfilled by CAD/CAM software. This software is equipped with these features and is used to deliver a powerful set of focus tool paths and design tools which globally form the automotive Corporation. 

  CAD/CAM software enables to check tool paths before any material is cut. The software is used for keeping waste and scrap to a minimum by completing the machining process in a virtual environment. They are also used to identify the running time of production and God help in Rescheduling as well as planning the material delivery and supply. As the model of CAD is a source of the data of manufacturing the intended design is preserved and its dimensional accuracy is retained.  
In contrast, converting data into 2D drawings and then back into machining code, inherently introduces the risk of making mistakes 

CAD/CAM software is also used for the customization of various projects introduced by various designing and manufacturing industries. 
  The present scenario for architects, engineers and for that matter any professional with adequate knowledge of CAD/CAM is massive and the job opportunities is increasing day by day. With the introduction of “MAKE IN INDIA” by the government to increase the production and manufacture of products in India itself, the opportunities have increased three-fold. Anyone with a computer engineering degree or to a related field can pursue their career as a CAD/CAM engineer. They should have relevant computer skills and should be a good team player since they usually work as a team and are expected to support other engineers on a regular basis. With the increase in need for skilled engineers who can think outside the box the salary has been increased too, in India a mechanical design engineer earns an average annual salary of approximately 3 lakhs and this goes up in different countries like in Germany the average annual salary is around 49,010 euros which runs around 39 lakhs and in Canada the average annual salary is 61,167 $ which is around 32 lakhs. Since there has been a rise in the field of designing the competition has increased too especially in India and as a result of this need many colleges and universities have started introducing courses based on CAD/CAM like the IFS Academy which is located in Pune which offers courses that are aimed at training students who opted for a career in the same field. The placements in universities help students achieve the jobs they wanted and within a year of working they can apply for other companies for a higher post and hence climb up the ladder to a reputable position. In this field experience plays a major role in the career of the individual, with more experience the higher the post and the benefits that comes along with it. 
The opportunities in CAD/CAM are rising day by day especially in India and with the introduction of “MAKE IN INDIA” the career chances  wide open for anyone with a degree in computer engineering and has a creative mind which they are not afraid to use. These are few of the jobs which don’t make you sit in front of the computer from morning to evening, you are always expected to be active and always be prepared with creative ideas.