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I guess everyone is aware of the typical "Saas bahu nonk jhonk" story so is usual as that of the 'manager' and the "team-leads" with their subordinates is a common story but one thing that fascinates us most is the competition in them to beat each other in their respective designations which is similar to that of the "Saas" & "Bahu" both trying to impress the other members within the family.

Yes, many managers who were once junior employees got hounded by seniors for the most silly mistakes and sometimes get bashing for no reasons. This what Roshan who works as a CAD manager with a MNC in Pune reminds his early days while talking to our editorial team. He used to make requests to their HR managers and many times tried to send letters with no name on the envelopes he says. But, to his disbelief all those goes to deaf ears similar to what the "Bahu feels when she tries to complain to her Aadarsh Pati about her Saas's acts". It was the HR manager who would often talk to both of them to resolve their differences when there is a stalemate between them on certain grounds. Roshan got fumed when he heard that a female employee emailed about his rude behaviour when she had failed to complete her design analysis of German client. He said without naming her that she did not take his inputs and went on with an analysis that not to be performed on a typical design optimisation process.

The context here is how to tackle such issues with ease and instead of writing it straight it is sometimes better to reach upto the person with whom we have professional differences. Many times the manager feels to be superior over his junior counter-part and that is sometimes correct to feel because of the experience gained out of similar such previous assignments. But with change in technologies, the young and smarter juniors sometimes happen to be more efficient than their superiors. Such issues happens and should taken-care off through casual interactions and regular induction programmes for newer members or when there is exchange of team members within an organisation. It helps a lot just like the son sending his wife and mother to watch a movie or go shopping etc.

Often, due to heavy work pressures and targets our minds we try to mobilise whatever we can to complete a project which leads to such casual misunderstandings thats when the HR comes into picture and sorts out the issue as the head of family does to ease off the tension across the borders i.e wife on one side and daughter-in-law, which ends that day's "nonk-jhonk".