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3 Hurrisome to worrisome- The tale of recruiters

Hurrisome to worrisome- The tale of recruiters

As most of the recruiters claim – Recruitment process often becomes from a hurrisome to worrisome task in any organisation!!

Manika being a young recruiter at CADnaukri feels recruitment is a herculean task for any organisation today. "From having challenges for finding the most appropriate talent till his formal appointment and joining is process that takes a toll on us". The pain starts with the short-listing of resumes to scheduling the interviews and then for negotiation on their remuneration, the entire process sometimes gets unnecessarily stretched these days. From finding the perfect resume to finally negotiating on salary, terms and conditions it is not easy. The more its hurried initially becomes a cause of worry later. Complications arise, when there is lack of transparency from the candidate's side at the time of furnishing details in their resumes, adds Manika.

It usually takes a lot of time to pluck the most appropriate candidate resume from the pile. One has to go for a series of filtration process from multiple resumes to the last few for the interviews. Screening & sourcing plays a vital role in selecting good resumes as per the need. Dealing with the candidate is like to bell the cat. To schedule an amiable timing for scheduling the interview is another headache and convincing both the candidate and client is a tough ask. It requires both calling and convincing them.

The joining formalities with applicable terms & condition are like digging for the roots. In case, the candidate is found suitable and accepts the job offer initially later denies citing unreasonable excuses is the worst situation one could expect, Manika shakes her head. Giving the last ditch efforts to convince both parties is what the recruiter wants at last. Often, the management puts the blame on the recruiter to have confined details of the candidate which is true sometimes and mostly because of the candidates who shamelessly, hides the truth in their career gaps or inconsistency in previous job assignments or inappropriate job responsibilities. This tale is consistently true in every sixth candidate applying for a job opening. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have enough back-ups even for closing a single opening. Recruitment business is highly dependent on the references and sources in the industry itself.

At last, the recruiter concludes they act as a backbone of the organization taking into account their painstaking efforts in organising an appropriate team for a manager. They play the role of the mediator between clients and candidate. Yes, it’s been a tough job but honestly it’s a very interesting field where one can make as many connection they want. In this field one can get to know each other better, how people are in real world and find out how the organisation works concludes the recruiter miss Manika.