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How to retain the talent even after the resignation of that Employee!!

How to retain the talent even after the resignation of that Employee!!

1. Tell them they are always welcome back for your organization.

2. Wish them all the best no matter how unwelcome the news is for you personally.

3. Treat them with respect like everyone else.

4. Understand what made them leave and what are the changes needed to comply to their just demands for which they had left the organization.

5. Try to convince that employee to stay by negotiating with them- If you think that the employee is worth going that extra mile to retain, then you’re going to need to understand what it’s going to take to retain him. Usually, a hike or a promotion will make the employee rethink his decision. However, if the issue is deeper and he/she cannot be convinced, then it’s best to show support towards their decision

6. Say goodbye in the nicest way possible, show appreciation for all the good work

7. Stay in touch with them after they leave.

8. Ask that employee to help in knowledge transfer of work not by ordering officially alone but also by sharing your concern, how important their work is all about and why they should support the organization by helping their colleague to realize their work. This creates a sense of responsibility in the employee for still being an important member of the team even after resigning.

9. Conduct an exit interview- It’s not always an easy conversation, but it’s crucial to find out everything you can about why your employee decided to leave.

10. Don’t take the employee’s decision for quitting the job on a personal note instead make them believe that you always believed in them and their capabilities and also suggest them to have a much better coordination in the new job for making it more successful than their present ones.