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Essentiality of Directional Counselling For Students

Essentiality of Directional Counselling For Students!!!

CAREER counselling has a big role in shaping of a student's professional life for a better future. Most students often get confused about their career interests and future after seeing so many options available to them in the open market. Sometimes it leads to depression and financial problems for them due to indecisions made at their career front. Many times, it is found that parents are partly responsible for their children's failure. With higher expectation and rising competition, every parent thinks that their children are supposed to be IITians or doctors otherwise, they would consider them as their liabilities .

Therefore, it is an advice for every parent to take their children to any career counsellor who has depth in domain as well as experience before imposing anything onto their child's future. As a career counsellor Shivani working for an educational consultancy in Bangalore for almost 3 years now and says she often meets students with their parents when they have failed in professions several times asking them for career guidance. Most footfalls to their consultancy are engineering graduates, who have either left their tire-some jobs and looking for new opportunities in management or software and some who have already wasted their 2-3 years in preparation for Govt PSU's and banking coachings. Often it is found that the students approaching them belongs to smaller places outside Bangalore, mostly from under-developed regions such as Bihar, Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand and north-eastern states of India. Their concern remained almost similar of not getting enough scope even after completing different short-term or long-terms courses post their technical degrees. There seemed to be a common phenomena where students with interest in fashion design were forced to under-go B.Tech in IT someone with interests in automobiles was pressed for electronics because of mass campus drives by software majors at some reputed university in their location. These type of indecisions have put a lot of mental agony and pain on these students subjected under parental pressures to succeed in life at any cost and that too in their guardian's perspective.

Casualties were higher where career counselling was not properly done before joining any professional career programmes. Therefore, it is highly recommended that every single child should be first counselled by their parents or relatives to understand their prerogatives for life before imposing anything that could be either miraculous or even fatal to their lives as have happened earlier when students unbale clear their semesters committing suicides. By understanding the meaning and importance of counselling people realized it had very limited effect and quite unnecessary to under-go before taking any life-time decisions for a students career. Infact, counselling has its own magical outcome which brings a better clarity to minds of both parents and their children before deciding their future. It helps them to know where they are lagging behind and what steps should be taken to cross the bridge. Counselling is that ladder which one can take help to climb-up to cross the blind side of the wall to get rid of confusions of life.