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CAD/CAM in the dental practice: Things you should know!

CAD/CAM in the dental practice: Things you should know!

Are you faced by the decision of introducing CAD/CAM to your practice? If so, the following six facts may be of interest to you!

1.) CAD/CAM is making inroads

As everyone knows digital technology is finding its way into the dental world and therefore also into dental practices. More and more dental professionals are turning to digital processes and techniques. As a result, it’s not surprising that this topic is attracting a great deal of interest and playing an increasingly significant role at congresses and trade fairs, e.g. IDS. The number of dental practices in which CAD/CAM tools are used continues to grow.

2.) CAD/CAM heightens your efficiency

CAD/CAM methods allow you to work more efficiently. You can treat your patients in a single appointment because you can place the final restoration immediately. Furthermore, scanned restorations are easy to adapt on the computer. The risk of a restoration not fitting properly due to a flawed preparation design or inadequate layer thickness is almost nil. What’s more, if a restoration is damaged while it is in the patient’s mouth, you can produce a new restoration quickly and easily by referring to the data you have stored on your computer.

3.) CAD/CAM makes your results more predictable

Digital processes improve your accuracy and increase the predictability of your work. The assurance that everything will fit properly and look great in the end is much higher when CAD/CAM methods are used. The results of your work are predictable and reproducible. Any uncertainties and unknowns are practically eliminated.

4.) CAD/CAM keeps patients happy

Your patients will appreciate the fact that they can be treated in one appointment thanks to CAD/CAM technology. They will no longer require temporaries, since they can go home with their permanent restoration. Patients who have to travel great distances to see their dentist will certainly like this new single-visit solution. Seeing their new restorations taking shape will make patients value them more highly. You could place your CAD/CAM unit in the waiting room so that patients can follow the entire restorative process and take part in the excitement. Why not give it a try!

5.) CAD/CAM helps to set yourself apart from your competitors

ZoomEmbracing digital methods will help to differentiate your dental practice from those of your competitors. It will give your practice a modern and future-oriented image.